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Women`s chambre choir Gloria Brunensis was established in January 2014 by the initiative of its current conductor Natalia Chirilenco. The repertoire of Gloria Brunensis, that specializes mostly in a cappella music consists of a wide range of compositions that span across periods and musical genres, from polyphony to contemporary authors. It specializes Despite being a young group, the choir has already achieved success in domestic as well as foreign choral competitions. These include two Golden Prizes and the category winner award at International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music in Bratislava in 2019, the Golden Prize at Praga Cantat 2018 or two Silver Prizes at International Choral Competition in Bad Ischl, Austria. The choir also regulary host concerts in its hometown Brno, as well as attends various events as a guest, the past year it was for example the Brno`s festival Ode to Joy or the concert Singing for UNICEF.

Women`s chambre choir from South Moravian Metropolis


Gloria Brunensis is a female chamber choir, founded in January 2014 on the initiative of its current conductor Natalie Chirilenco.


Gloria Brunensis has in its repertoire a wide range of compositions intertwined across periods and musical genres, from polyphonies through the Orthodox repertoire to contemporary authors. In particular, he specializes in a cappella compositions.


For example, the gold band won at the Praga Cantat festival in 2018, the silver band from the Ave Verum international competition festival in Baden, Austria in 2017, two gold bands from the Slovakia Cantat international festival in Bratislava or the gold and silver band and nomination for Grand Prix of the international festival Mundi Cantant in Olomouc.

Natalia Chirilenco

Natalia Chirilenco

Born in Moldavia, Natalia Chirilenco graduated from local music lyceum and then from Academy of Musical Arts in Kishinev. Since 1999 she has been living in the Czech Republic. So far she has been a conductor of various mixed, women’s, children’s and student’s choirs, including mixed choirs Schola Cantorum in Prostějov and Lumír in Brno, Brno’s Musical Conservatory Choir or Brno‘s children’s choir Primavera. She regurarly teaches at Brno’s piano courses “Holiday Playing“. Since 2015 she has been a conductor of young women‘s choir Gloria Brunensis and since 2019 also of student’s choir at local lyceum. Under her leadership choirs achieved great success an both Czech and international festivals and competitions.

Our awards

Since 2014, we want to give joy with our singing ...

… and there is nothing nicer than when someone appreciates you for it.


Gold band Cantat (SK, Bratislava)

Silver band Ave Verum (AU, Baden) 

Nomination for Grand Prix Mundi Cantat (CZ, Olomouc)

Gold band Mundi Cantat (CZ, Olomouc)

Siver band Mundi Cantat (CZ, Olomouc)


Gold band Praga Cantat (CZ, Praha)

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